Scene Change sets up five high-end virtual studios in Aus

Scene Change, Australian AV company, has set up a national network of virtual event studios, giving their clients a platform for reaching their audience during times when running an event is challenging.

Located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart, the virtual event studios lets corporates, associations, schools, fundraisers and many other clients to produce high-end content, run a live broadcast, performance or event

Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are all equipped with VuePix Infiled LED wall backdrops and are set up to allow for social distancing for both the performers and the audience, with stringent safety processes in place, plus a wider audience watching remotely.

The virtual studio in Brisbane boasts a 7.5m x 4m tall VuePix Infiled ER3 screen with Brompton S4 video processors and R2 receiver cards.

Sydney’s studio features 6m x 2.5m VuePix Infiled ER2 LED wall, again running with Brompton S40 Processors and R2 Receiver card. Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes are used to provide a perfect lighting for the presenters/performers.

While the virtual studio in Melbourne offers the biggest digital platform, spanning 10m x 3m, with VuePix Infiled ER3 wall running with NovaStar R5 processors and A8s receiving cards.

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