Savant updates multiple product lines

Savant updates multiple product linesSavant, which is distributed by Avation, has announced the addition of new products and features included in the 8.7 software and hardware update, including the ability to assign a user-defined scene to a button on a Savant Metropolitan keypad. This allows homeowners to take any Savant Scene that they have created or captured and assign it to a specific button press on a keypad.

“This latest release from Savant reinforces our dedication to creating the finest smart home products and services on behalf of our custom integrators and their clients” says Savant chief executive Robert Madonna.

Savant has also released a new Savant Pro 8 app on the iOS App Store that includes support for TrueImage. TrueImage leverages Savant’s patented virtual lighting concepts and enables users to experience virtual lights in any room on their mobile devices. Users can easily change dimming levels and RGB colours simply by tapping the virtual light.

Also controlled with TrueImage in the Savant 8 app for iOS is Savant’s new line of coloured smart bulbs LED light strips. These feature millions of colour and brightness choices to suit any mood and are available from Savant Authorised Integrators.

Savant has begun shipping its new IP video products including an ultra-high-performance pixel-perfect 4K video over IP switching platform that delivers 4K/60 4:4:4 HDR video distribution over IP with zero frame latency. New products in the line-up include the Savant IP video four and eight input video transmitters and Savant IP video output receivers, which are available with either fibre or copper as an option.

Savant’s IP audio line-up is also expanding and now includes the Savant IP Audio 50 (a renamed version of Savant’s Pro Audio 4), the company’s first scalable, wired, all-in-one music solution, as well as the Savant IP Audio 125. The Savant IP Audio 125 is a higher wattage amplifier/audio distribution system that delivers all the functionality of the IP Audio 50 but with 125W per channel for dynamic audio reproduction. It also features ample power to drive clear sound into large spaces such as outdoor entertainment, and additional control ports for added installation flexibility.

For the ultimate in system configuration flexibility, the Savant IP audio line-up features a range of preamp-level audio inputs and outputs. The new Savant IP Audio 8 output and IP Audio 7 input modules allow audio to be distributed to and from remote areas of a property without the need for home run audio cables by plugging either module into the IP network.

Another update is that the Savant Pro Remote is now available with multi-zone control, which allows switching from room to room for true whole home control from a single remote. The Savant Pro Remote connects directly to WiFi and is not tethered to a single remote base, meaning any base can be used for charging.

Additionally, Savant’s architectural speakers are available in options for traditional stereo pairs, as well as single stereo twin-tweeter solutions. The new 6.5” and 8” architectural speakers bring Artison sound quality to music listening areas either in-wall or in-ceiling.

Lastly, Savant has introduced sophisticated design aluminium table top stands for the Savant Touch 8 control screen. This stylish and functional stand securely holds the Savant Touch 8 for use with the same POE connection used for in-wall applications.

“With new offerings such as TrueImage and our groundbreaking IP Video and Audio systems, Savant’s class-leading smart home platform remains lightyears ahead of competitive solutions,” says Robert.

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