SANUS releases indoor/outdoor custom mount for the Sonos Move

SANUS has released the indoor/outdoor mount for the Sonos Move, an easy-to-install solution that lets the speaker be wall-mounted at the optimal height for optimal performance while maintaining the Move’s portability.

The mount is designed to that it can easily be picked up and moved indoors or outdoors, whatever the person may want to use it for.

A charging ring charges the Move when it’s mounted while a cable management spindle allows excess cords to be hidden away for a clean look. It also comes with galvanised wooden screws for drywall anchors for that kind of installation.

“We’re excited to add the Custom Mount for the Sonos Move to our growing portfolio of solutions catered to Sonos products,” Legrand director of product management Mark Plummer says.

“For installers, our mount is designed to take advantage of the speaker’s audio quality and portability to deliver an exceptional listening experience, while providing a convenient location for storage and charging — all without cluttering surfaces in the home.”

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