Sanus launches SASP1 streaming device panel

SASP1 (1)Sanus has developed a way to secure streaming media boxes behind a wall-mounted TV with the new SASP1 Streaming Device Panel.

With the advent of small media boxes, such as Apple TV, the installer has had to find methods of securing these behind the TV, usually unsatisfactorily using multiple tie-wraps and hook and loop fasteners that just about hold the box in place.

The development team at Sanus has come up with a simple but effective solution to the problem that is compatible with any mount. The Streaming Device Panel is a perforated metal plate that affixes to a Sanus TV mount without screws or to any other mount or directly to the rear of the TV with a simple screw fixing.

Using the provided straps, streaming devices and other TV accessories can be discreetly and securely mounted to the panel, out of sight behind the TV. Designed to hold most small devices up to 1.3 kg, it easily attaches to a SANUS full-motion or tilting mount, such as the VLT6, VLF613, or VLF628, slides in from side and held in place with a bayonet fitting – no screws are needed.

Sanus is distributed Australia by Milestone AV Technologies and in NZ by AV Supply Group.

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