RTI unveils two-way driver for Fusion Research’s Play-Fi music server

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Automation systems manufacturer, RTI has announced the availability of a two-way driver for Fusion Research’s Play-Fi music server. The new driver, developed by Fusion, allows integrators to seamlessly incorporate their Play-Fi server into RTI automation systems, providing their clients with a wide variety of music options and convenient control of whole-home audio.

“End-users desire easy access to their music with the freedom to listen anywhere they want,” says RTI vice president of sales Mike Everett.”With the Fusion Play-Fi driver, RTI dealers can integrate the Fusion Server into the RTI control system to simplify access to an amazing set of music sources throughout their clients’ home.”

The Play-Fi server combines Fusion’s award-winning Ovation music server with DTS’ open platform Play-Fi technology. Specifically designed for the custom-integration channel, the server acts as a bridge between automation systems and third-party amplifiers and speakers utilising Play-Fi technology. It enables simple, HD music distribution either wired or wirelessly throughout the home, supporting up to six discrete sources, three physical and three Play-Fi, in one box. Providing a complete music entertainment hub, Play-Fi supports over a dozen streaming apps, including Pandora, Spotify, Tidal and Tune-In; thousands of Internet radio stations; as well as full iTunes backup and synchronisation.

With the new Fusion Play-Fi two-way driver, users have an intuitive control interface that allows them to browse through their music options easily, while viewing cover art and song metadata right on their RTI controller. In addition, users can select the location they want to play music in, control the volume and make adjustments to any other integrated electronic systems in their home or commercial facility, all from a single RTI user interface.


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