RTI announces video intercom support across a range of devices

PrintRTI, which is distributed by Avation, today announced new video intercom support for select RTI controllers and third-party intercom-enabled devices.

This new capability allows users to safely and conveniently communicate from point to point via their RTI devices, making it ideal for front door access, security gates, intra-office, and room-to-room applications.

“The demand for intercom continues to increase, and we are pleased to add video functionality across a range of RTI devices,” said RTI vice president of global sales Mike Everett.

“Our lineup of video intercom-enabled controllers includes wired and wireless interfaces, which allows our dealers to offer their clients convenient communications between their RTI devices and third-party door stations.”

RTI’s video intercom capabilities are supported on the KX3, KX7 and KX10 in-wall touch-panels, as well as the CX7 and the upcoming CX10 countertop/under-cabinet touch-panels. It’s also supported on the company’s flagship T3x, delivering RTI’s first video intercom-enabled handheld controller.

Dealers can leverage video communications via a free firmware update on compatible devices that support H.264-based video intercom using SIP. These devices also support auto answer and do not disturb modes, while a push-to-talk audio mode allows users to communicate via voice only from device to device.

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