RTI announces two-way driver for DoorBird range

RTI two-way driver


RTI, distributed by Connected Media Austalia, has developed a two-way driver for the entire range of DoorBird IP Video Door Stations.

The new driver allows integrators to program DoorBird IP Video Door Stations into RTI automation and control systems with ease.

DoorBird is distributed in Australia by Lite Automation and My Clever Home.

“Having intercom capabilities at all of the entry points of a home provides a truly enhanced level of convenience and safety for the homeowner,” says RTI vice president of sales and marketing America Mike Everett.

“With the new DoorBird IP Video Door Station driver, RTI dealers can integrate up to 12 stations into an RTI system, allowing users to answer the door and control the device conveniently alongside the rest of their smart home systems.”

The two-way DoorBird IP Video Door Station driver provides programming of events for connected, disconnected, doorbell, door open, and motion. This frees up the RTI control system to carry out designated commands based on these events.

For example, users can turn on lights, unlock doors, and adjust microphone and speaker levels all by using the RTI interface. Intercom capabilities between DoorBird and RTI devices can be enabled using the SIP protocol as well as RTI’s MJPEG Video driver is capable of handling video intercom processes.

“DoorBird is very excited about the full integration of our DoorBird IP video door stations with RTI,” says DoorBird head of partner integration & tech support Helmut Schaeller.

“We are now able to offer our sales and integration partners full integration, including SIP with a leading home automation system. RTI is an organization with excellent technology and highly experienced people at work. We look forward to our continued partnership with RTI and are confident that this will be a very successful integration for all parties involved.”

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