RTI adds built-in control processor to KX3 in-wall touch panel

RTI adds built-in control processor to KX3 in-wall touch panel
RTI, which is distributed by Connected Media Australia, has announced expanded capabilities for its hybrid KX3 3.5” in-wall touch panel keypad. This device combines an in-wall touch screen interface and a control processor into one powerful and customisable unit.

“Our KX3 in-wall controller is designed to give integrators amazing power and flexibility, while providing the user with an elegant, intuitive control interface,” says RTI vice president of global sales Mike Everett.

“With the addition of the built-in processor, the KX3 will perform beautifully as a cost-effective, all-in-one control solution or allow dealers to easily expand the capabilities of a larger RTI control system.”

The KX3 features a 3.5” colour WVGA touch screen, five customisable hard buttons and a completely customisable interface for intuitive navigation, which allows users to easily engage with their surroundings. It also offers wired and wireless Ethernet to enable users to view video from network security cameras and seamlessly perform programming updates.

Additionally, convenient LEDs reveal room status, the built-in camera and microphone support video intercom functionality and a proximity sensor wakes the unit up when approached by a user.

The central processor also offers a range of benefits, including the ability to leverage RTI’s expansive library of two-way drivers for seamless integration with third-party electronic systems.

The all-in-one KX3 enables powerful control without having to purchase an additional processor, allowing integrators to incorporate a smart device running the RTiPanel app and add an RTI wireless remote via the built-in 2.4 GHz ZigBee antenna. Advanced features include an astronomical clock to schedule and automate events, six voltage sense ports, infrared output and four relays. Its interface can be easily tailored to each specific installation with RTI’s Integration Designer programming software.

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