RTI acquires Miravue video-over-IP distribution solution

RTI acquires Miravue video-over-IP distribution solutionRTI has announced that it has acquired the Miravue video-over-IP distribution solution as part of its efforts to provide dealers with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution.

The Miravue video-over-IP solution acts as an extension of the RTI control ecosystem and when combined with an XP processor, it is capable of delivering IR and two-way RS-232 control to connected devices. This allows users to control them with the RTI interface of their choice.

“Acquiring the Miravue video-over-IP solution is a key step toward our goal of providing integrators with everything they need to automate any environment. We will continue to use the Miravue name for our expanding line of video-over-IP products,” says RTI chief executive Ed McConaghay.

The system acts as a transmitter, receiver network switch and wireless access point, dramatically lowering AV distribution costs by reducing cabling and installation time. It supports HDMI/HDCP 1.x and 2.x video sources with ultra-low latency, delivering high-quality HD video over Ethernet, coax cable and wireless networking.

In addition, non-HDMI sources such as mobile devices, network video streams from IP cameras and network-attached storage may be viewed without the need for additional equipment. The VIP-1’s built-in scaler matches the displays’ maximum resolution, while automatically providing stereo down-mixing and lip-sync adjustment.

Featuring low bandwidth usage, the Miravue VIP-1 video-over-IP system does not require any specialised networking gear, instead needing only an unmanaged network switch for Ethernet installations.

“We are thrilled that RTI has become the home of our Miravue video-over-IP system. Both companies have long histories of developing innovative and forward-thinking solutions, and bringing our products together into one control and automation ecosystem will deliver an incredible amount of power and flexibility for dealers,” says Miravue chief executive Robert Bishop.

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