Resolution X invests in ChamSys QuickQ consoles

Resolution X has expanded its control inventory to include six ChamSys QuickQ consoles.

After a thorough evaluation of a range of small form factor standalone consoles, Resolution X decided to go with the ChamSys QuickQ consoles with an initial purchase of four QuickQ 20 consoles and two QuickQ 30 consoles.

“We were looking for an easy to use reliable hardware based console, which would suit the applications that require between one to four universes of DMX control,” Resolution X managing director Tim Hall says.

“Something which would have an intuitive user interface for new operators and provide an extensive feature set for the experienced programmers on small to mid-scale shows.

“The QuickQ 20 and 30 offered great balance between simplicity and power, which will allow us to use them on both our own production shows and for dry hire. The consoles are compact, but they have a large inbuilt touch screen, so there is no need for an external monitor on many jobs.

The mobile like interface leads you through setup, programming and operation, making it easy to use even for new operators. We put our shortlisted consoles in our training room and sent operators in to see how far they could get without prior knowledge of the platform, and QuickQ came out on top.

“Having the same substantial fixture library and compatible show files with the larger ChamSys MagicQ console range was a big plus when it came down to decision time. We always consider how any item will fit into the systems we provide to our customers, so the ability of these small consoles to use DMX over Ethernet protocols means we can easily maximise their output by sending them out with an appropriate ArtNet, sACN or Pathport node, making them an ideal addition to the ResX production and dry hire inventory,” Tim concludes.

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