Remote working solutions from ATEN

ATEN ANZ, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, has introduced a series of remote working solutions to facilitate communication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With lockdowns in place, the need for remote communication, work-from home, and remote teaching has grown rapidly.

ATEN has a number of solutions for these challenging times.

For workers, communication and the ability to collaborate is crucial. To that end, the ATEN VP2120 Seamless Presentation Switch integrates a video matrix switch, AV streaming, audio mixing, and collaborative functions into one compact device, and through the ATEN Video Presentation Control App, it allows 4 participants in the same network to join in a meeting and share their content simultaneously using their own devices with secure connections.

Working remotely has become a necessity of late but it has also proved to be an effective option even during normal times.

ATEN’s CN9600 / CN8000A / CN8600 KVM over IP switches allow remote access of digital video, audio, and virtual media via remote control of a PC or workstation to provide an affordable and durable over IP server management solution while assuring users with operational dependability and efficiency.

With the integration of ATEN’s KVM over IP Switches, users can safely work from anywhere without having to install additional software.

To increase production efficiency while working from home, the ATEN US3342 2-Port USB-C Gen 2 Sharing Switch with Power Pass-through allows users to share data between four USB devices in two different USB-C enabled laptops.

Furthermore, ATEN also possesses a series of USB docking stations that can help to expand connectivity and create simplified, productive workspaces for any desktop environment.

Finally, for those trying to get through to younger minds in their homes, remote teaching is another way of acquiring knowledge without the limitations of distance.

ATEN’s UC3020 could be helpful to teachers as it is able to convert an existing camera instantly into a webcam, allowing users to easily adopt a camera for any application and platform.

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