Redback release easy install outdoor speaker

redback speaker

Australian audio manufacturer Redback has released a 10W weatherproof IP66 EWIS ‘dog leg’ horn speaker.

The dog leg mounting bracket eliminates the need to separate the horn from the bracket during installation which means it will be a time and money saver.

Traditional horn speaker brackets have to be removed, screwed to the wall surface, and then bolted back onto the horn speaker.

The ‘dog leg’ bracket on these units eliminates all of that labour, allowing enough clearance to fit a drill under the horn speaker body.

It is supplied with an in-built bipolar capacitor making it compatible with EWIS control systems employing line monitoring circuitry.

It is also fitted with a 4 core termination lead to provide connection points for loop in, loop out wiring, as required by Australian Standards.

A screwdriver adjustable switch is provided to select the desired power tapping.

Supplied with nickel plated chrome hardware the neutral grey or white colour choices provide an architecturally unobtrusive finish to virtually any installation.

Water resistant and high quality sound dispersion and response it is ideal for car parks, plant rooms, industrial plants, schools, train stations and the like.


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