Powermove Distribution announces Pioneer XDP-300R

Powermove Distribution announces Pioneer XDPPowermove Distribution has announced the new Pioneer XDP-300R high resolution portable digital audio player.

The XDP-300R is capable of playback up to 11.2MHz DSD, 384kHz/24bit FLAC/WAV and the newest high resolution technology MQA, with full balanced circuitry for the dual DACs to the output.

Featuring GorillaGlass equipped 4.7” HD display, the XDP-300R can connect to peripherals via WiFi and Bluetooth. It comes equipped with 32GB of internal storage, as well as dual microSD card slots that support up to 200GB each. It’s also equipped with ESS technology SABRE DAC.

The XDP-300R is built on Android OS with access to GooglePlay and includes streaming of video, music, games and other apps. Fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU is used for snappy operation of apps and music playback.

It’s been built for music so parts selection and circuit board design were meticulously calculated to provide the best signal.

It features balanced output with two forms of balanced drive available. Along with standard BTL balance output, Active Control GND allows the two DAC outputs to work in tandem for L-GND/R-GND “0V” lock to eliminate any distortion, broadening the sound stage while remaining clear.

The DAC/AMP circuit board and Android CPU circuit board are separated to limit digital noise from affecting the audio circuitry, while the switching circuitry and analogue circuits are positioned as far away as possible within to deliver the purest audio signal possible.

The XDP-300R also has multiple connectivity methods with high quality audio outputs and wireless functionality. It features balanced output, digital output through Micro USB/OTG support and a 2.5mm 4 pole balanced headphone.

There are six built-in sound adjustments (lock range adjust, digital filter, up sampling, Realtime DSD conversion, High Precision EQ and Club Sound Boost) and a volume knob with 161 step positions for fine granular control.

The XDP-300R has a rigid machined aluminium body design and custom case and glass screen protector options are available.

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