Pioneer introduces the N-70AE and N-50AE network audio players

Pioneer introduces the N-70AE and N-50AE network audio playersPioneer, which is distributed by Powermove Distribution, has announced two audiophile-level network audio players, the N-70AE and N-50AE.

Both products feature the high-performance SABRE32 Ultra32 DAC, twin transformers, USB-DAC supporting 2.8/5.6/11.2MHz DSD and plug-and-play external HDD/USB-memory playback via USB input.

The twin transformers are in separate shield cases that work to eliminate flux-influence for both analogue and digital blocks, assuring a clean supply of power. High-grade parts are used throughout, such as custom capacitors for the power supplies, while the N-70AE adds machined RCA terminals.

The N-70AE also features dual SABRE Ultra32 DACs and a three-chamber shielded chassis that isolates the power supply for digital block and digital circuitry from the analogue power supply and analogue circuitry. This eliminates electrical and magnetic interference.

Both N-70AE and N-50AE offer Chromecast built-in and Spotify Connect, enabling music from supported smart phone apps to be streamed to the player with album covers displayed on its 3.5” LCD. Music viaChromecast built-in, TIDAL, and Deezer can be easily accessed using system remote or Pioneer Remote App.

The N-70AE and N-50AE equip Wi-Fi supporting 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bandwidths to assure a stable wireless connection while expediting setup compared to legacy models.

Users can also play music stored on portable hard disks by connecting a compatible plug-and-play HDD to the USB input located on the rear of both players. The network audio players also offer music server functionalities. Connected HDDs can be read from and written to with a PC connected to the same local network, making it easy to copy new music from computer to hi-fi system.

Other features include:

  • Low-noise signal processing employing 8” parallel drive with twin SABRE32 Ultra DACs (N-70AE)
  • Texas Instruments TPA6120 headphone amplifier (N-70AE)
  • DIRECT Mode for faithful reproduction of original sound
  • Jitter-free signal processing (PQFA)
  • Hi-bit 32 audio processing

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