Phillips People Count, the new normal

In order to maintain the appropriate social distancing measures, Phillips Professional Display Solutions is helping businesses adapt to the ‘new normal’ with both a single-entrance and multi-entrance counter, the People Count.

The single-entrance People Count tracks all customers that enter and leave a public setting while displaying real-time numbers on a screen outside the venue. Not only does it let the property owner know how many people are in the building at any one time, it also gives customers a better idea of the situation inside.

The Android app loads onto the Philips display and communicates in real time with an IP security camera which means no internet access required. The simple ‘stop/go’ graphics on the Philips display can run alongside the venue’s messaging of choice.

Phillips’ mutli-entrance People Count solution provides the same insight as the single count but with the ability of setting up in multiple exit/entrances.

Again the Android app is hosted by the Philips display and runs alongside the NowSignage software that manages the real-time data, as well as providing a graphic representation of the venue’s capacity. The system provides an alert that will allow security staff to manage traffic flow and keep patrons informed.

Phillips is distributed by Westan in Australia.

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