Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lights: How to Get The Hue Experience In Your Yard

Philips Hue smart lighting has dominated this vertical since launching in late 2012.

If the inside of your home is already brimming with the colorful convenience of Hue lights, why not take some out into the yard, too?

Today, we’ll outline a handful of the best Philips Hue outdoor smart lights so you can find something to liven up your garden this spring.

Get Started with a Gateway: Philips Hue Bridge

To get the most from your Philips Hue ecosystem, you’ll want the hub to build from…

You can build up to 50 Philips Hue lights and 12 accessories into your ecosystem with Hue Bridge with Zigbee connectivity baked right in.

What does this mean for you in real terms? Well, you’ll be able to take full command of your Hue devices in-app on your smartphone even if you’re not at home.

The Bridge also means you can use voice control assuming you have the requisite smart speaker or smart display. From Alexa and Google Assistant to Siri with the HomeKit-enabled Hue bulbs, make your life easier all the way.

Another benefit of investing in the Hue Bridge is being able to build in motion sensors to take your intelligent lighting to the next level.

Philips Hue products play nicely with Google Nest and SmartThings.

All you’ll have to do to set yourself up is plug the gateway into your router using the bundled Ethernet cable. Installation is straightforward even if you’re a complete beginner.

With the Bridge in place, then, it’s time to start exploring some of the new Philips Hue outdoor smart lighting…

A Fully Focused Garden Spotlight: Philips Hue Lily Spotlight Set

This low-voltage spotlight system is arguably the most flexible and powerful addition to the new outdoor Hue line.

Before anything, you’ll need to make sure you have the Hue Bridge we outline above. With that in place, this kit gives you a trio of spotlights along with power supply and mounts so you can get going almost straight out the box.

Use a spike for ground installation or the mounts if you want these spotlights up on the wall. Pick out your flowers, trees, and shrubbery with 600 lumens of light.

For best results, you should locate your first spotlight no more than 30 feet from the hub or nearest indoor Hue light. From this point, you’ll be free to extend spotlights up to 60 feet from one another. You could find some materials like metal impede this range but you can experiment with placement if you find that range blocked.

With white and color bulbs, you’ll benefit from a massive palette of whites along with 16 million colors so imagination is your only limitation when creating lighting scenes.

Use your digital butler of choice whether that’s Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant. As well as the Hue Bridge, you’ll also need a smart speaker with your AI assistant baked in. This will give you hands-free control of your outdoor lighting for complete convenience.

Pick out your planting and infuse your decking and yard with some subtle mood lighting in any color that takes your fancy with these superb garden spots.

Security Light or Mood Lighting: Philips Hue Welcome Outdoor Floodlight

Whether you want some lighting for when you’re entertaining on the decking or you need an entry light for security purposes, Welcome is a versatile and powerful floodlight.

Rack up the Hue Bridge and you’ll be able to control your lighting in-app on your phone. Add in an Echo device, Google Home smart speaker or HomePod and you can take charge hands-free.

This lozenge-shaped floodlight can be easily tweaked after installation to direct some bright white light wherever you want it.

As with the whole Philips Hue range, you’ll enjoy robust interoperability with other smart devices. Automate your lighting in line with other tech in-app.

Add in some motion sensors and you’ll have a full-blown outdoor security light without needing to spend a fortune.

You have no option but hardwired installation so this might not make the best solution for smart home renters.

Fully weatherproofed like all the outdoor Hue lights, you can expect years of faithful service from this floodlight.

If you want a splash of color, you can pick this light up as the Discovery Floodlight packing 16 million colors.

Multicolored Wall and Ceiling Fixture: Philips Hue Econic Outdoor Wall Light

Have you got a modernist home? If so, this striking and minimalist outdoor light would make a great addition to your entryway.

Don’t worry if you have a more traditional design scheme since the Econic is not so brutalist as to look out of place among softer décor.

Add the Hue Bridge and a smart speaker for voice control. If you don’t see the virtue of hands-free control, take charge using the responsive app instead.

Behind the fish tank-style frontage, you get a single 15-watt bulb kicking out 1150 lumens in full color. The result is warm and diffuse lighting ideal for walls and ceilings outdoors. This light also works well in conservatories and other outbuildings.

While the manufacturer claim this model is easy to install, it’s hardwired and we’d suggest you might need to call in an electrician. Think about this in advance and budget for that extra cost if necessary.

Cozy Up The Garden with Lanterns: Philips Hue Lucca Outdoor Lantern

Have you got some outdoor space you’d like pepped up with an outdoor lantern? Philips Hue Lucca is an understated way to layer in some dusk to dawn lighting.

Made from rugged yet lightweight aluminum, these lanterns should be placed within 30 feet of your Hue Bridge. Then, as with all this line of lighting, you can string up further lanterns at distances of up to 60 feet. Overall, this represents a lighting solution fit for most medium to large yards.

Take the helm in-app on your phone or using your chosen digital assistant along with the requisite smart speaker. With the Lucca, there’s no need to limit home automation to indoors.

Schedule your lighting and arrange for your outdoor Hue lights to welcome you home with geofencing.

You can expect 25,000 hours or roughly 2 years of use from the bulb giving you great value.

Light Up The Path in Style: Philips Hue Calla Outdoor Pathway Light Base

The Calla is a bollard-style outdoor light to swell the Philip Hue stable allowing you to illuminate your yard with 16 million colors.

As with the remainder of the Philips Hue outdoor lighting range, you’ll need the Hue Bridge to enjoy full remote control.

The 8-watt LED bulb is not replaceable but will give you up to 25,000 hours of use. Despite using such little power, you’ll get the equivalent output of a 50-watt traditional bulb.

Place this pathway light on the ground or mount it on the stake provided. Light shines out through the frosted white lens. The base kit gives you everything you need thrown in.

IP65-rated for protection against dust and water, you’ll find your lighting safeguarded against the elements. You need to plug the provided power supply into an outdoor outlet. With this taken care of, you can then build in 4 more Calla lights if you’ve got a larger garden to bathe in light.

Create routines and automate all your outdoor lighting just like indoors with yet another home run from Philips Hue.

Get Motion-Activated Lighting: Philips Hue Dusk-to-Dawn Outdoor Motion Sensor

If your connected home is packed with Philips Hue lighting, why not consider some motion sensors so you’ll get some precious extra security where it counts?

As with all Philips Hue lighting products, you need that Hue Bridge for maximum functionality and remote control. You’ll also need some Hue lights, whether indoor or outdoor, and you can start enjoying motion-activated lighting.

Installation is a cakewalk and fully wireless, too. You shouldn’t need to call in an electrician and the sensors are renter-friendly.

You can mount this dinky sensor just about anywhere that fits your needs so why not treat yourself this spring and start building out a Philips Hue ecosystem extending into the garden?

Final Word

If you fancy a change from Ring outdoor smart lighting, Philips Hue puts up a stiff challenge to the security specialist. Admittedly, the Hue line is more focused on decorative light than security lighting but you can still use sensors for motion-activated safety lights with Philips Hue.

Hopefully, you’ve seen something today that takes your fancy and fits with your style of garden. If you sign up to our email newsletter, you’ll get a coupon code giving you 20% off your first Smarthome order.

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