Pass the AUX: DALI releases three new speakers

Danish loudspeaker company, DALI has released three new speakers: the DALI Oberon, Callisto and Epicon.

All three of these speakers feature DALI’s soft magnetic compound technology which reduces non-linear magnetic distortion for longer listening pleasure. They contain in-house woofers, with low-mass wood fibre cones, optomised to work with the built-in amplifiers.

The DALI Oberon features oversized tweeters, wide-dispersion wood fibre woofers and carefully selected driver materials to achieve a wide dispersion pattern and a well-integrated sound no matter where the listener is positioned.

Two compact stand-mounts either on-wall or floor-standing can be paired with an additional centrepiece Oberon Vokal to create the ultimate sound system whether in a large living room or small apartment.

If playing music digitally is your kind of thing, the DALI Callisto is tailored for you. The completely wireless and innovative design can playback and stream high resolution audio through the DALI Sound Hub, Bluos wireless module or through your smartphone.

The Callisto’s Class D amplifier can deliver 250W for up to five seconds, ensuring plenty of power even in complex musical passages or massive movie explosions.

They can remain discreet with the compact stand mount that is ideal for smaller spaces or rooms where speakers need to remain hidden while still delivering maximum power.

And finally, the third speaker system to his Australian shores is the DALI Epicon. DALI’s flagship series delivers rich and detailed sound that, when featuring the trademark hybrid tweeter module can deliver solid rendering of even the most subtle high-frequency details.

Custom-built drivers remove the need for frequency correction in the crossover and ensure that the signal loss is close to zero. An organically-shaped cabinet that increases the overall rigidity of the system severely reduces cabinet resonances and nearly eliminates standing waves.

The hand-polished real wood veneer cabinet delivers a premium look to go along with the sound output.

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