Panasonic releases 27,000+ lumen laser projector

panasonic projector

Panasonic has released its latest projector offerings, a 30,000-lumen-class laser projector series with 3-chip dlp.

Panasonic Australia announced the PT-RZ31K 3-Chip DLP SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor projector series designed for rental and staging applications will be available from spring 2016.

The series brings significant competitive advantages to the large-venue arena with low-maintenance, high-brightness SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor Technology

The projectors output over 27,000 lumens in WUXGA resolution and offer key advantages for high-brightness projection in large venues, particularly for mapping and at outdoor events. These include long-lasting continuous maintenance-free operation at full power for significantly lower cost of ownership, unparalleled flexibility for handling and stunning picture quality with less image degradation over time. Furthermore, the range is compatible with existing Panasonic lenses for 3-Chip DLP projectors, allowing operators to share lenses between projectors in their inventories.

Outstanding performance and reliability define Panasonic’s original SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor series, extending the benefits of world-leading 3-Chip DLP imaging technology. A new liquid cooling system also contributes to high reliability and exceptionally quiet operation.

The projectors boast a suite of proprietary image enhancement technologies for immersive picture quality, including Real Motion Processor 120 Hz frame-creation for fluid action sequences; Dynamic Contrast laser output modulation for 20,000:1 contrast; Detail Clarity Processor 5 for fine details and System Daylight View 3 for enhanced colour and brightness in mapping applications.

The PT-RZ31K Series offers free 360-degree cabinet rotation through any axis, DIGITAL LINK single-cable transmission of video and control signals over long distances, a selection of optional terminal boards, a backup input setting and onboard edge blending, colour matching, brightness and colour control with geometric adjustment functions for multiple projector usage.

Compliant with PJLink and Art-Net DMX protocol, the PT-RZ31K Series is supported by a variety of optional software packages that expand multi-projection and geometric adjustment capabilities.

Panasonic is now able to provide reference-grade imaging solutions to suit the changing needs of the rental and staging industry at all levels of the market, combining elite DLP imaging performance with the reliability, flexibility and low TCO enabled by SOLID SHINE Laser Phosphor technology.

Panasonic will be showcasing this projector at Integrate 2016.

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