Origin Acoustics releases new products at CEDIA 2017

Origin Acoustics releases new products at CEDIA 2017Origin Acoustics, which is distributed by Synergy Audio Visual, has introduced a number of new products at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego, including the Marquee Cinema Collection, the Valet amplifier, a new line of freestanding subwoofers, an LCR soundbar and an extension of its Composer Collection.

The Marquee Cinema Collection has been designed for applications where no compromise audio reproduction is required to complement the video image.

The front LCR speakers reside in braced, extruded aluminium enclosures that can be mounted in or on the wall depending on the specific installation, while an hourglass, slatted wood grille covers a powerful driver compliment.

Dual 8” woofers and dual 5 ¼” mids flank a titanium compression driver. Each pair of mids and woofers is independently powered by a dedicated 700W amplifier channel with extensive DSP.

“Creating a system with this level of performance has been a long-time goal of the company. We are looking forward to this system gracing the homes of our dealers’ most prestigious clients,” says Origin Acoustics senior vice president Nick Berry.

Also on display at CEDIA booth #5513 is Origin Acoustics’ foray into the world of voice controlled audio systems, the Valet amplifier.

“We have seen voice activation take center stage as the technology has rapidly improved in recent years. The Valet amplifier will make integrating this technology into even modest homes a reality for millions of homeowners across the nation,” says Origin Acoustics founder and chief executive Jeremy Burkhardt.

The Valet amplifier integrates seamlessly with the Amazon Echo Dot to create a simple, interactive four-zone system. It features eight 75W channels and can be connected to a broad range of speakers.

Each of the four stereo zones sports an RJ45 connection that sends power to the Dot over a standard CAT5 cable and returns the audio signal to the amplifier via a proprietary balun.

Additionally, Origin Acoustics is showcasing its new line of freestanding subwoofers, including the Deep subwoofer collection. This collection features four models that have onboard DSP to allow for a single band of EQ to be parametrically adjusted via a Bluetooth connected app on the phone.

The single driver models feature eight, 10 and 12” aluminium drivers with accompanying passive radiators and will be driven by 300, 600 and 1,000W of class D power respectively. A dual 12” version with two active drivers and 1,200W of power will round out the collection.

Origin Acoustics is also meeting the request for surface mounted soundbars, showcasing two models from what will become a full series.

The first model is a single channel LCR with dual 3½” fibreglass woofers on both sides of one of Origin Acoustics’ patented 1” DPSD tweeters. The second model is a single 42”-wide soundbar that is housed in extruded aluminium, which contains all three front channels.

Lastly, Origin Acoustics announced an extension of its Composer Collection of in-wall loudspeakers with three new products, the CIW61, CIW63 and CIW65. These are all two-way speakers with 6½” woofers and 1” dome tweeters.

All three models are timbre matched to their counterparts in the Director Collection so users can simply select a speaker with the same numeric designation from another collection to guarantee the speakers having the same sonic signature.

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