Open Room-Pages or Apps in ayControl

In this article we will show you how to define buttons in ayControl to switch quickly within ayControl to certain pages of rooms. Furthermore there is now also the possibility to open external apps from ayControl.

For example, if you have a breakfast kitchen where the kitchen and dining area are separated in ayControl, you can now switch between these rooms with a simple click. Or you can use ayControl to select the appropriate light scene and open the Spotify app directly from ayControl.

Create a button to open an app

If you create a new button in the ayControl-Editor, a dialog will appear in which you can define which function the button should fulfill. Here you have the possibility to also open an external app as well as a specific page of a room in ayControl.

Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten einer Taste

If you now select “Open app” and continue, you can specify in the next window which app should be opened.

Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten einer Taste

You can now select from a large number of supported apps. For some apps there is the possibility of an additional configuration. For example, on YouTube you can insert the YouTube URL of a video to automatically open this video at the click of a button. Another example would be to open the Spotify-app if you want to listen to music.

A list of currently supported apps are:

  1. Alarm (Android only)
  2. Amazon Fire TV Remote (Android only)
  3. Amazon Music
  4. Amazon Prime Video
  5. Apple Music
  6. Audible
  7. Bose Soundtouch
  8. Browser
  9. BubbleUPnP (Android only)
  10. Calendar
  11. Custom (Android only)
  12. Deezer
  13. Dialer
  14. Email
  15. Google Home
  16. Google Keep
  17. Google Maps
  18. Google Play Movies
  19. Google Play Music
  20. Google Translate
  21. HEOS
  22. IFTTT
  23. Kodi (Android only)
  24. Kore Kodi remote
  25. maxdome
  26. Netflix
  27. OpenVPN Connect
  28. Philips Hue
  29. PLex
  30. Shazam
  31. Skype
  32. SMS
  33. Sonos
  34. Soundcloud
  35. Spotify
  36. Tasker (Android only)
  37. trivium (iOS only)
  38. TuneIn Radio
  39. TuneIn Radio Pro
  40. VLC Media Player
  41. Weather Underground
  42. WhatsApp
  43. Youtube

Create a button to open another room/page

If you want to open a certain page in ayControl by pressing a button, please create a button as described above, but now select “Open page” and click on “Next”.

Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten einer Taste

In the following window you can now select which room should be opened in ayControl as well as which page of the room depending on the available layout options. On a smartphone, for example, you can open a different page of the same room than on a tablet layout due to the smaller amount of available space.

It is now possible to change from one room to another without great effort, just with the push of a button.

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