Onkyo receivers enable Dolby Atmos streaming

Onkya receiver 7.2

Netflix has now enabled Dolby Atmos supported streaming. It should go without saying that people who are considering a new sound system should consider Dolby Atmos enabled hardware to encapsulate the benefits in its entirety.

Onkyo has taken the lead with this technology and released three 5.1 and 7.2 channel network AV receivers that are made for Dolby Atmos. To go with it, it also has other advanced streaming features which include FireConnect and Chromecast which are both built-in already.

The Onkyo controller app allows not only streaming of films and TV shows that use the Dolby Atmos experience, but they can also stream music using an Apple or Android device. The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) says that music streaming has increased by 90% in the past year so this feature will be extremely beneficial.  The app also allows multi-room audio distribution which means users can switch between each set-up throughout their living space and pick where they want the music to come from.

A quick tap of a few buttons is all that’s needed to share control of the playlist in the room as FireConnect and Chromecast have already been integrated into the new range of Onkyo AV receivers. Onkyo has also released an entry-level Bluetooth 5.1 channel AV receiver that allows the enjoyment of wireless music streaming and high-quality audio.

Finally, all AV receivers allow for multiple peripherals to be connected through HDMI inputs to the TV through one cable, which means cables are tangle-free and left neat and tidy.

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