One For All launch new indoor antennas

One For All, which is distributed by Amber Technology in Australia and New Zealand, has released two new amplified indoor antennas designed to enhance the viewing experience for digital televisions.

The new antennas, the SV-9436 and SV-9460, each have different applications.

The SV-9436 was recently announced as the Red Dot Design Award winner and packs its power inside a stylish and modern fabric enclosure, made to blend into any interior.

It can be flat, standing or wall-mounted while receiving all the users’ favourite TV channels in 4K Ultra HD. Its multi-directional reception technology allows users to point the antenna in any direction, avoiding blind spots.

The SV-9460 is designed to deliver excellent reception of digital TV, with the antenna optimised for reception of Full HD digital TV signals, compatible with DVB-T/T2 programs broadcast in Full Ultra HD format.

Featuring signal overload protection, this unique feature always provides the right level of amplification by regulating the strong signals on your TV or Set Top.

It also delivers a crystal-clear reception and features active noise reduction filters including 4G and GSM block filters reduce interference.

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