Nureva enhances flexibility and user control of HDL300 audio conferencing systems

Nureva has announced an update to its Microphone Mist technology, which is available to all HDL300 audio conferencing system customers. The update is part of an ongoing series of enhancements to the HDL300 system and is downloadable via the updated version of Nureva Room Manager software.

The update includes new customisable audio settings, new auxiliary audio modes for interoperability with third-party systems and refinements to audio performance. The microphone and speakers can be set to stereo or mono sound and speaker bass and treble levels can be adjusted. Meanwhile, the new auxiliary audio options provide more flexibility in connecting to in-room speakers, mixers, recording devices and hearing aid transmitters. The auxiliary output can be switched to send a microphone, speaker or a mixed signal at both microphone and line levels.

Together with the enhancements in echo cancellation, the new customisable settings will enable HDL300 customers to not only have a better audio experience but also be in more control of their meeting room audio.

“We are really excited about the ongoing evolution of our Microphone Mist technology platform and its ability to transform the audio experience in meetings. This latest update further enhances audio quality while giving our customers the flexibility to implement the system in ways that best suit their needs and spaces,” says Nureva chief executive Nancy Knowlton.

The HDL300 audio conferencing system resolves the frustrating and persistent issue of poor audio pickup, especially in dynamic environments where participants move around the room. When combined with the Nureva Wall visual collaboration solution or other interactive display, the HDL300 system can also be used as the primary source for audio and video playback.

Nureva’s Microphone Mist technology is at the core of the HDL300 system, placing eight 192 virtual microphones throughout a room to pick up sound from any location to which aims to ensure that everyone is clearly heard regardless of where they are in the room or the direction they are facing.

Visitors to InfoComm 2018 will be able to experience the HDL300 audio conferencing system at Nureva’s booth N1276.

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