Niles Auriel expands into home control


Core Brands has announced the release of Auriel 2.0. This is a major platform update that adds features such as streaming audio, climate and lighting control and remote access functionality to the multi-room audio control platform.

“Auriel 2.0 is a huge leap forward from the original multi-room audio platform that we introduced in 2014. It’s built on the ELAN Control Platform, so it’s a natural progression for Auriel to expand into smart home control. And, conveniently, the new software update enables any existing Auriel system to easily upgrade to the additional control features, so everyone wins,” says Core Brands software product manager Tom McKeon.

The Niles Auriel MRC-6430 Controller now connects to lighting control devices and wireless thermostats in a complete home automation controller. Auriel 2.0 delivers simple access to lighting scenes and climate scheduling via a Niles handheld remote (nHR200), wall-mounted touch panel (nTP4, nTP7), or the Auriel app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Auriel 2.0 updates the Auriel Wizard, cutting configuration time to minutes instead of hours. Using either a tablet or PC, the installer is guided through the system’s configuration process for lighting scenes and thermostat programming, plus sources, zone preferences, home theatre control and user interface customisation.

Auriel 2.0 now has Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn and other popular internet radio services built into the MRC-6430 chassis. One chassis delivers audio to six zones through seven input sources. For larger homes, two chassis can be linked together to create a 12-zone system.

“We’re continuing to refine the Auriel home entertainment experience, expanding from the ‘one touch to music’ philosophy that made it an industry favourite. With the ELAN engine under the hood, Auriel delivers an easy-to-install, entertainment-centric solution that is ideal for entry-level control and multi-unit installations,” says Tom.

Niles is distributed by QualiFi in Australia and by Wildash Audio Systems in New Zealand.

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