New Zealand gets a new peak body

The Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC), which is the peak body committed to supporting the acoustics profession, has announced that it will now be representing acoustical consultancies in New Zealand.

The organisation will also be bringing the following seven New Zealand firms on as members:

  • Acoustic Engineering Services
  • AECOM (Auckland)
  • AECOM (Christchurch)
  • Malcolm Hunt Associates
  • Marshall Day Acoustics
  • Norman Disney & Young
  • SLR Consulting
  • StylesGroup

“For the first time in New Zealand, acoustic consultancies will have their own body which will give access to standardised approaches and procedures, training opportunities and a community of like-minded specialists to network with and learn from,” says AAAC chair Matthew Stead.

“We’re very pleased to welcome our New Zealand members and are looking forward to learning from our counterparts and colleagues across the water.”

The AAAC aims to raise the standards of acoustics practice across Australasia and helps to educate industry professionals and the public on the role that good acoustics, the management and mitigation of noise and vibration play in achieving good design and effective planning in the built and natural environment.

The organisation now has 65 member firms that employ approximately 400 consultants, reflecting a $90m sized industry.

“We’re very happy that the scope of the AAAC now includes New Zealand. We believe the AAAC has a very important role to play in raising the awareness of noise and vibration effects and the increasing importance that good acoustic design plays in our modern society,” says StylesGroup senior acoustics consultant and building acoustics manager Christian Vossart.

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