New network keypad offering from Atlona

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Atlona has released an 8-button network keypad for Atlona IP-controlled AV switchers equipped for single channel output, including single channel mirrored output components.

The AT-ANC-108D has been designed for rapid installation and remote configuration utilising PoE technology, requiring a single category cable for both signal and power.

Combined with Atlona IP-controllable switching products for huddle spaces, classrooms and conference rooms, the network keypad has eight soft-touch backlit buttons and acts as a remote IP-based controller to send commands to the switcher. The switcher in turn responds to the commands via RS-232 to control other devices such as video displays.

“While many of our switchers feature our Advanced Automated System Control (AASC) which offers seamless display powering and source selection, many presenters still face situations where they want a tactile means of changing inputs, operating displays and adjusting volume,” said Atlona product manager Joshua Castro.

“The AT-ANC-108D provides a quick and cost-effective point-of-control solution.”

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