NanoLumens announces new white paper

Nano lumens

NanoLumens has announced the availability of the latest in its ongoing series of white papers that focus on how NanoLumens LED display solutions are creating better business results for clients in a wide variety of markets. The new white paper, titled LED Display Tech: Energizing the Airport, is now available for download.

“Airport executive teams understand that to stay afoot of today’s increasingly demanding air travel consumers they must re-engineer the way their terminals look, feel, and operate,” says NanoLumens vice president global marketing Joe Lloyd.

“This new white paper delves into the ways LED display technology can advance this goal.”

Joe says that in order to take advantage of the unique position they hold in their respective regions’ economy, modern airports must accomplish multiple objectives.

“They therefore need to incorporate adaptable technology that can work towards those objectives simultaneously. This compelling new white paper discusses why LED display technology, with its unmatched breadth of utility, is precisely the kind of solution that will enable airports to redefine the entire passenger experience.”

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