NAD Electronics renews focus on CI market following Convoy International distribution deal

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Following a distribution deal with Convoy International, NAD Electronics has renewed a commitment to the CI market releasing a series of new products in Australia.

The manufacturer has released the C 568 CD player, CI 720 Network Stereo Zone Amplifier and three new Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifiers.

C 568 CD player

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The newly released C 568 high performance CD player has been designed as a direct upgrade to its predecessor, the C 565 BEE.

In addition to a new aesthetic, the circuit layout and component choices for the C 568 have been extensively updated. The solution boasts a high precision clock for the lowest possible digital jitter performance, the latest generation Wolfson DAC and the same Super OPAmps derived from NAD’s Masters Series.  NAD says the result is an improvement on low frequency slam and extension while maintaining the pace and timing the C 565BEE was known for.

CI 720 Network Stereo Zone Amplifier

NAD product 1

The CI 720 Network Stereo Zone Amplifier has been released a long side its companion, the RM720 Rack Mount.

The amp features Bluesound’s operating system, BluOS to provide high resolution multi-room wireless audio solution. BluOS offers the ability to stream audio from local collections or popular cloud services like Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, and others. It also enables deep integration with many control systems including Control4, Crestron, Push Controls and RTI.

Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifiers

NAD product 1

There are three new Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifiers being released by NAD, the C 338, a compact yet powerful integrated wireless network amp, the C 368 and C 388 which are Future Proof Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifiers.

NAD’s incorporation of BluOS has extended to integration into its amps.

“NAD’s adoption of BluOS means that everyone from the casual music listener to the bona fide audiophile now has access to a wide array of products that addresses every use case in a connected home,” said NAD’s director of technology and product planning Greg Stidsen.

“Best of all, because it’s the same operating system across all devices, it’s easy to set-up and configure for a consumer, while more advanced options are available for custom integrators.”

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