MSE Audio’s SoundTube releases pendant-style sub

SoundTube Entertainment, company of MSE Audio, has announced the release of its lossless RS1201i-SuperT subwoofer.

Designed for use in an open-ceiling or surface-mounted application, the RS1201i-SuperT is available in either black or white and will produce superior low frequencies to the surrounding listening area. It also makes use of non-traditional 70/100V technology that vastly improves the subwoofer performance.

The RS1201i-SuperT can deliver effortless impactful full-range bass without losses in sensitivity or low-end frequency response.

The 12” is ideal for any installation where music is played louder than typical background music and additional bass is needed including places like bars, nightclubs, retail or hotels with large open ceilings.

Making use of a 12” fibre treated fibre cone woofer with a treated cloth surround in a tuned and ported enclosure, the sub can provide a 32Hz to 100Hz ± Db frequency response.

Mounting with a high-quality integrated SpeedClamp self-locking wire clamp give it fast, easy and secure installation. For easy ordering, stocking and installation, the RS1201i includes a two-position tap switch for 70.7 to 100V and 4Ω applications.

“Our dealers have been asking for a powerful subwoofer in a hanging configuration,” MSE Audio vice president Ken Hecht says.

“With the new SuperT technology, we can help them create an ambience where listeners are able to feel the music.”

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