Morpheus makes media storage easy

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The Morpheus AV server/player product line is a smart and simple solution for media storage and distribution from one server. This robust system is built to a professional grade and will easily integrate into a small home, grand villa or large yacht. The system is perfect to use in any size area; no matter how small or large.

Simply insert the original media and in minutes the content will appear on the screen and be streamed to every room in the house or mobile device. Storing and accessing your media has never been easier.

Not only is Morpheus perfect for the home, but it is designed by automation specialists for professional installation. The system is compatible with Elan, Crestron, Control4 and Savant.

Morpheus can stream directly to mobile devices using apps that are available on AppsStore and Google Play. Private content is also always available when connected to WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE.

This Morpheus line features the Morpheus Grand Server, Morpheus Mini Server and Morpheus Player. There is no need for separate servers around the home with ExHBR (Extreme High Bit Rate) streaming directly from the servers and hundreds on built-in codecs. This means content is almost never converted or compressed, resulting in HD audio and video.

The Morpheus Grand Server is the quietest system on the market. This powerhouse allows up to 25 players to stream HD video and allows for five Hi-Fi zones; four analog stereo and one optical independent audio channel rated at 116dB SNR.

The little brother of the Grand Server, the Morpheus Mini Server, is ideal when space is an issue but you do not want to comprise on quality. This little dynamo offers five streams of full HD video and delivers music to two zones, in addition to all the clients. Audiophiles can choose from FLAC or amazing MP3 quality.

The next device in this impressive range is the Morpheus Player which is designed to connect to Morpheus servers and adds another independent HD stereo audio zone. This small yet powerful device uses Intel Core Duo processor and Intel Graphics to keep up with all your HD media needs. Using an IR remote or IP based iPhone or Android you will always be in control.

Morpheus is a new, simple and easy to use media system that will revolutionise how you store and distribute HD audio and video.

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