Modernisation and digitalisation of Coventry City Council

Coventry City Council needed to upgrade its customer service centre and was looking for a forward-thinking strategy to create premises suited to modern day council ambition.

With the centre being a key communications point for the public, providing a route for general enquiries, payments and public computers, it was vital that as part of the renovation of the property digital messaging and communication should form an important role.

“We spoke with our AV partner, proAV, and they recommended Tripleplay who could not only provide a digital signage platform but also an integrated IPTV system; adding value on top of what we initially needed,” council network implementation lead Fleur Porter says.

The council went with Tripleplay digital signage and IPTVs and were so impressed, the roll-out was extended to cover 11 additional sites.

“The platform has proven incredibly useful; having up-to-date content is brilliant,” Fluer says.

“Staff like it as well, they can email the comms team about upcoming events, who will upload to appropriate internal screens and they know everyone will see it. People have started interacting more across departments, engaging more in events and using the screens as a source of information.”

The council uses SharePoint cloud-based system alongside the Tripleplay system which Fluer mentions has helped further communication across the organisation and with the community.

To help with the digitisation, the council has appointed its own digital engagement team who helps promote the use of technology in the organisation and support the switch over.

In total the council has deployed more than 50 digital signage endpoints, using a mixture of graphics, video and live TV to entertain, engage and educate its staff and public.

There are various platforms within the Tripleplay ecosystem that are used including Friargate for wayfinding and Job Shop to promote available opportunities or information on sales, services and education among others.

“The solution has expanded beyond its initial scope; ease of use, platform reliability, really positive feedback and results we’ve had, have all helped in this regard.”

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