Mivatek Smart Connect announces new SCAS cloud service

Mivatek Smart Connect has announced the introduction of its “Smart Connect as a Service” (SCAS) cloud service.

The new offering is targeted towards service providers brand owners, and telcos for ODM Smart Home, Smart Care, Smart Business, and Smart Community solutions and service.

Mivatek Smart Connect systems will aim to help global service providers and brand owners with connected data; automation control; and recurrent, fee-based protection service. Mivatek Smart Connect will bring complete protection and automation packages to a wide range of applications, including retirement communities, HOA, enterprises, retail establishments and more.

In retirement communities, for example, Mivatek Smart Connect’s SCAS cloud service provides a video-integrated smart home, smart security, independent living and unified communication system to deliver a connected service which will aim to benefit all residents.

The mobile-cloud can manage multiple connected devices, functions, locations, and users, while integrating the ActionView Video in one app to sync the information to assigned recipients for immediate response and enhanced protection.

“Our new SCAS service allows communities, businesses, and other enterprises to capitalise on the benefits of a comprehensive, fully integrated, smart protection system,” said Mivatek Smart Connect chief executive Joe Liu says.

“It’s no longer necessary to put together a system from disparate parts and have to worry about connectivity, interoperability, and overall functionality.

“With SCAS, the enterprise gains an entire system that ensures all parts work together seamlessly. And the video capability brings an added level of security and verification that makes the system even more efficient.”

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