Mitchell and Johnson release SAP-201V stereo integrated amplifier


Mitchell and Johnson has released the SAP-201V stereo integrated amplifier, featuring a built-in DAC and MM phono stage. Combining a clean-lined modern design with unsurpassed audio delivery, it features audiophile grade components throughout including a toroidal transformer.

Its built-in Wolfson Micro WM871 chip makes this amplifier one of the first in its category to offer a built-in digital to analogue convertor (DAC). The SAP-201V has also been designed with four inbuilt RCA analogue inputs for CDs, Netplayer, TV and auxiliary – allowing for all potential input needs.

“Our company was formed because of the growth in digital music and because we could foresee a new generation of music lovers wanting to experience proper stereo reproduction. Something more than a single monaural speaker,” says Mitchell and Johnson executive officer Paul Mitchell.

“That’s why our integrated amplifier was the first of its kind to feature a built in DAC. And not any cheap old DAC, a Wolfson capable of 192kHz/24-bit pass through.”

Mitchell and Johnson is a British hi-fi company established in 2011 by Paul Mitchell and David Johnson, two men who believe passionately that all music should be heard and listened to in the manner the original artist intended. As a pro musician himself, Paul Mitchell has worked long and hard to create affordable hi-fi that delivers quality sound.

“When talking about the audiophile market, it depends what you mean by audiophile. If an audiophile is someone who likes to listen in stereo on good speakers then we are committed to that customer. For us, it’s all about hearing detail in your music collection that you just don’t get listening on a standalone speaker. It’s all in the stereo separation for us. When artists and producers spend hours getting the stereoscape just perfect, we want you to hear that. But we want the system to be affordable, not the same price as a new car.”







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