Meridian announces new zone controller and 857 Reference Two-Channel Amplifier

Meridian announces new zone controller and 857 Reference Two-Channel AmplifierMeridian Audio, which is distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Wavetrain, has announced the launch of its new zone controller, the 218, and the latest addition to its range of power amplifiers, the 857 Reference two-channel amplifier.

The 218, which is an expansion of Meridian’s 200 series, features a range of audio input and output options, including Meridian Speakerlink, optical and analogue inputs, and digital and analogue outputs. It can be used in a variety of applications and can begin operating immediately once connected to the matrix.

It requires no dedicated cooling or ventilation and has a number of installation options, including bracket and rack mounted versions, so installation is easy. The 218 is also a small and compact unit, taking up only 1U on a rack and has a built-in universal voltage power supply.  It can be bolted to the back of a TV with a VESA mount where it can be connected to the TV’s optical output and then run to a pair of digital active loudspeakers, or a power amp and used to drive a set of passive loudspeakers.

The 218 comes equipped with lip sync technology and an iPad app enables intuitive, straightforward control of functionality. It also features IP control so it can be easily configured through a webpage, as well as Crestron and Control4 integration modules to ensure it fits seamlessly into existing home automation systems.

Additionally, the 218 can be used as a Digital Audio Converter (DAC) to take any music a home owner is listening to, through any audio system and convert it into hi-res audio.

Meridian Audio has also unveiled the 857 Reference two-channel amplifier which features a power amp that functions in thermally hostile environments, in either a dedicated rack-mount of free-standing variant. It was designed specifically to work with any audio product and has low noise floor.

Bridgeable to >1.5kW, the 857 delivers 500W per channel into 4Ω, offering users power delivery to drive passive speakers in a range of applications.

“We are delighted to unveil the Meridian 857. It sets a new benchmark for power, clarity and flexibility and can be used in any existing audio solution,” says Meridian Audio director of marketing Rayner Sheridan.

“Implementing Meridian ‘Superbal’ and hi-res audio technology, the 857 raises the bar in terms of audio quality, design and specification on today’s CI market.”

Meridian’s ‘Superbal’ technology converts unbalanced inputs into balanced inputs before they enter the amplifier and then transforms these into a 1-100Hz frequency response -/+2DB, translating the sound quality to perfect hi-res audio sound.

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