Meridian and LG hit a winner with sound bars

A new range of LG sound bars, introduced at CES 2020, feature Meridian’s unique digital signal processing (DSP), helping to deliver rich, true-to-life sound with precision and depth.

The new range features the SN9YG and the SN11RG models, both of which won CES Innovation Awards.

The SN11RG is LG’s flagship model featuring a 7.1.4 channel system with two wireless rear speakers that deliver forward and up-firing sound with advanced signal processing technology.

Te new range features Meridian Bass and Space which increases the width and scale of the soundstage beyond the physical dimensions of the product. They also include Image Elevation technology which increases the perceived height of the lead instrument, and the majority of the line-up also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

A brand new feature, AI Room Calibration guarantees a more optimised sound that tailors output to suit the specific characteristics of a room. Combined with Meridian’s DSP technology, the sound bars can create realistic surround sound with clarity that mimics near-studio authenticity.

Median Audio director of marketing Katy Bradshaw says Meridian is the high-performance audio brand and technology partner of choice for global brands seeking market leading sound solutions.

“LG’s goal is to bring better sound to more people and our long-standing partnership with LG keeps growing. We are delighted that the trademark sound experience of Meridian now extends to the new 2020 LG sound bars, enabling even more people to enjoy superb sound.”

LG head of audio and video Park Hyung-woo adds: “Our goal has always been to bring better sound to more people and by offering more great products that leverage our successful partnership with Meridian; our latest sound bars help to achieve this.”

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