MantelMount to introduce new models at CEDIA 2016

MM700RB DownMantelMount, the maker of the ‘pull down TV wall mount’ for flatscreen TVs, will showcase a series of new professional-grade products, the MM700 and the MM700RB at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas, 14-17 September.

Geared towards professional installers and distributors, the MM700 and MM700RB offer a range of additional features, including increased stability, better positional capabilities and improved construction. These new versions provide the professional channel with powerful tools to further heighten their customers’ TV viewing experience.

The new features enhance a television mount that was already unique.  While most flatscreen TV mounts tilt and swivel, MantelMount also gives users the ability to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level.  This solves a common problem: consumers love to mount their TV above their fireplaces, but the height of the mount creates a poor viewing angle, one that significantly detracts from the viewing experience.

In terms of positioning, the MM700 and MM700RB offer more swivel to both the left and right sides – an additional 15º each way – for viewing over a wider range.  A special attachment bracket also allows users to increase the swivel up to 60º, either left or right.  Both products also feature 26″ of vertical travel, two more than the flagship model.

Both new models eliminate the 9º downward tilt in the UP position, so the product is more flush to the wall.  With the MM700RB, the flush appearance is enhanced by a recess box which moves the product’s lifting mechanism 3.5″ into the wall.  This reduces the space behind the TV from 5″ to only 1.5″ and augments the TV’s flush-mounted look.  In fact, with the recess box, MantelMount is totally hidden from view in the UP position.

Additional stability control adjusts for minor differences in wear of pistons.  This helps keeps the mount level over time without the need for manual adjustment.  While the original mount, as well as the new versions, both feature high-quality steel construction with a professional grade finish, the newer mounts have slightly higher quality construction in their welds, bolts and minor parts.

A major upgrade in both versions is the built-in sound bar bracket above the heat-sensing handles.  Made of high-quality steel and integrated directly into the MantelMount, the bracket provides a clean look with the sound bar attached below the TV, creating the perfect auditory and visual experience.  The sound bar bracket accommodates mounting holes up to 800mm wide and holds sound bars up to 15kg.  A centre handle also attaches to the bracket to operate MantelMount without the need to touch the TV or the sound bar.

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