LG unveils commercial display and digital signage solutions at Integrate 2017

LG_unveils_commercial_display_and_digital_signage_solutions_at_Integrate_2017LG Electronics Australia has launched its latest range of commercial display and digital signage solutions at Integrate 2017.

The new products include moving, fluid displays with rich, vivid colours that bring visual content to life, super thin panels that playback different content on both sides of a screen simultaneously and a range of OLED wallpaper displays.

“New technologies often shift the way people consume information and entertainment. Whether it’s driving in-store foot traffic or captivating audiences, our business solutions help engage with consumers in a memorable way. Designed to transform the customer experience, we’re thrilled to unveil our strongest range of solutions to date to the Australian market,” says LG Electronics Australia marketing manager Russ Prendergast.

A number of LG Electronics 2017 business solutions feature LG OLED technology. The absence of a backlight means each pixel in an LG OLED panel has the ability to turn on and off, creating a perfect black screen and vivid, lifelike images that comprise of more than one billion colours. The absence of a light source also makes the display extremely light and thin.

“Our latest business solutions offer razor sharp picture quality and sport compact bodies, making these products a welcome addition to design-centric projects and venues with space limitations. Addressing our customers’ pain points, our commercial displays and digital signage products can be scaled up or down as required to meet the needs of any project,” says Russ.

Another feature in the range is the LG webOS 2.0 platform, which bridges together connectivity platforms and works with compatible devices, providing access to a network of apps.

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