LG debuts OLED TV range

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LG has released its 2016 OLED TV range in select retailers.

The range includes the ultra-thin LG OLED TV, the G6T Signature and the E6T series.

Known for producing perfect black, amazingly vivid colours and wide viewing angles – matched with the intuitive LG webOS Smart TV platform, the LG OLED TV category has become a popular option for Australian consumers. This gets no better than the company’s CES 2016 award-winning signature G6T OLED TV and the impressive E6T TV model.

Each of the models is enabled with HDR to enhance the graduation of contrast in light and dark areas to create an extreme new level of realism. The new models are also supported with Dolby Vision. Unlike standard HDR technology that only adjust colour and contrast detail once for an entire film or TV show, Dolby Vision can adjust the level of individual pixels scene-by-scene to enhance image detail, natural contrast and vivid colour. LG OLED also adds the advantage of providing more dynamic range in lower black levels than LED/LCD TVs due to the technology’s self-lighting pixels.

“The G6T Signature Series is truly the best TV LG has ever produced. Our OLED technology keeps getting better and OLED TV is going from strength to strength in Australia,” says LG marketing manager Grant Vandenberg.

“OLED is no longer a niche segment but rather, it keeps on growing as consumers take the LG OLED TV Challenge and see the incredible picture quality it produces against backlit LED/LCD TVs.

“Over 25,000 Australian households now have an OLED TV and we expect this number will keep increasing throughout 2016.  The combination of the perfect black screen and a billion colours with HDR and Dolby Vision truly reinvents the way we watch content.”

LG OLED TVs boast elegant designs. Across all four new models, the bezels are extraordinarily narrow and the OLED panels are so slim they enhance the look of any lounge room.

The LG G6T and E6T series are the first LG TVs to feature the ‘Picture-on-Glass’ design where the OLED panel is bonded onto a glass back.

In addition, the LG G6T is built with a forward-facing sound bar speaker system and sound designed by harman/kardon, which folds back when wall mounted. The E6T includes an ultra-slim profile with a built-in sound bar and sound also designed by Harman/Kardon, which is integrated into the stylish TV stand.

Many recent movies and TV series have already been created with HDR filming and production technologies. All seven major Hollywood studios are also in the process of producing new movies and remastering older content into Dolby Vision, using the technology as the preferred format for the creation of content.

Through the new and improved webOS 3.0 Smart TV platform, users can also stream HDR and Dolby Vision content through Netflix. Netflix original series including Marco Polo and Marvel’s Daredevil, are both currently  available in HDR and Dolby Vision. In fact, Netflix has announced it will add more than 150 hours of HDR content by the end of the year globally.

 A TV’s lifespan is measured by the time required for the panel’s luminance level to drop below 50% of its initial output. This industry standard is designed to measure the luminance half-life period of every category of television, including cathode-ray tube (CRT), LCD/LED and OLED TVs. 30, 000 hours is a widely accepted level of luminance half-life and is based on consumer viewing habits, allowing them to watch a TV for eight hours a day for 10 years.

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