Legrand unveils several new Nuvo products at ISE

Legrand Unveils Several New Nuvo ProductsAt ISE 2017, Legrand has unveiled several new products in its Nuvo home audio system line, which is distributed in Australia by Amber Technology and in NZ by Sound Advice.

Nuvo systems use wired and wireless distributed audio solutions that are specially designed to match fidelity with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control.

The Nuvo Player Portfolio P4300, Nuvo P500 Sound Bar/Subwoofer Package, Nuvo P30 Touch Screen and Nuvo P400 Desktop Speaker are all on display at ISE 2017.

The latest generation of the Player Portfolio series, the P4300 has a backlit touch screen for configuration, system status and the ability to show zone names. It provides music with high fidelity and 110W of power to three independent zones.

The Nuvo P500 Sound Bar/Subwoofer Package is a two-piece system that can play audio from a video source or behave like a player zone to give users access to all the Player Portfolio streaming services.

The Nuvo P30 Touch Screen is a fully functioning seven-inch Android tablet offering convenient, complete, in-wall control of the Player Portfolio System via the Player Portfolio app.

Legrand is also showcasing its first desktop speaker model for its Player Portfolio line of whole home audio products, the Nuvo P400 Desktop Speaker.

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