Legrand introduces wireless nurse call

Legrand nurse call system

Legrand has introduced a wireless nurse call system based around the TREX handheld device. As part of Legrand’s NEAT Efficient Emergency Response Solutions, TREX has been designed for internal communication in both the public and private care sectors.
How does it work?

The patient can press a button from a wall unit or call cord from their bed which triggers an alarm that is sent to the carers on their TREX mobile-like device. The alert specifies the source location for the call, prompting the relevant carer to accept it and efficiently respond.
How is it installed?

The TREX system is based on radiofrequency technology and is wireless. On the transmitter side, all that’s needed is two screws to install the wall device. These units have two outputs that can be used to connect light indicators located in corridors for extra visual information of duty carers. Once all wall transmitters are located within the key building areas, they can be paired with the TREX devices and then system is ready to run.

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