Laser Technology aims to keep audiences engaged

Optoma ZH510T

Using laser technology, rather than traditional bulb projectors, results in long lasting, bright projection that will convey a message clearly and effectively, and still keep the audience engaged.

Laser projectors can also be used in many different applications depending on requirements, providing flexibility to the end user and installer.

Installing a laser projector removes the need for replacement lamps, along with low maintenance. The efficiency of laser technology helps the projector run quietly with lower energy consumption, meaning running costs are a lot lower.

For larger installations such as venues, places of worship and conference halls, using the Optoma ZH510T provides an estimated 30,000 hours of maintenance free laser light with a ‘fit and forget’ installation.

DLP technology provides long-lasting image performance, with an IP5X dust resistant rating and 24/7 maintenance free operation, providing a durable solution for challenging environments or hard to reach installations.

Features include corner adjustment and a 360-degree image projection, which allows ceiling, floor and even portrait projection, ensuring any restricted space or distorted images are projected clearly.

Smaller venues can benefit from the ultra-short throw Optoma ZH400UST. Light-weight and compact, it provides an estimated 20,000 hours of maintenance-free laser light source, along with a IPX5 dust resistant certification.

Computers or HD video sources can be connected via dual HDMI inputs, eliminating the use of separate audio cables which provides a quick and hassle-free set-up for meetings or presentations.

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