Largest Extension in Number of Members in the History of KTB

For any association, especially for one like KNX Association with over 400 members, it is vital that the information flow from members to association and back goes like clockwork: if the association knows the needs of the members and members are well informed about the latest technical evolutions, then this can only result in yet a stronger KNX system.

It is therefore that KNX took the initiative of motivating a number of very active KNX members to join the ranks of the KNX Technical Board, the highest technical decision body in the KNX Association. An overwhelming number of members reacted to this call for members, resulting in the biggest increase ever in the history of the KNX Technical Board. The following companies are now a proud KTB core member (also voting on new extensions of the KNX Standard): eElectron, Zennio, Intesis, Tapko, Weinzierl, Gewiss, Vimar, Elsner, Albrecht Jung, and Gira. This more than doubles the number of members and brings it to 21.