Large Chinese delegation visits the KNX Head Office

Mr. Liang, the founder and owner of the Chinese KNX member company HDL and Vice President of the Chinese Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce had invited manufacturers and members of this association on a work trip to Europe, which also brought them to the KNX head offices in Brussels on 16th of June 2017.
The clear focus of the 15 person delegation lay on smart home and smart appliances. After an introduction on the advantages of KNX as a smart home system presented by Mr. Stahn as member of the marketing department, Mr. Canavate informed the audience on the latest KNX success figures and explained why KNX believes it holds the right cards to play an active role in IoT of the smart home. Mr. Lourdas as member of the system department rounded off the day with a presentation of the ETS inside, the new version of ETS ideally suited for the home space. All the presentations give rise to a lively discussion amongst KNX and its visitors.