Kordz announces the PRS3 AOC HDMI cable

kordz hdmiAustralian based AV specialists, Kordz, has announced their latest HDMI cable, the PRS3 AOC HDMI cable.

Much like their other commercial cables, Kordz promises a reliable and simple installation experience from their PRS3 AOC HDMI cables. The PRS3 AOC HDMI cable can accommodate HDR, 3D, 4K, UHD and high frame rate environments without a loss in signal distribution. The cable’s 1kg grip strength will ensure a one-time installation for cable integrators, with time consuming re-installation processes becoming highly unlikely due to the cable’s Kevlar-reinforced internals.

The PRS3 AOC HDMI cable’s Zinc Alloy profile is only 18mm wide and available in sizes between 10 metres and 30 metres, which can suit a wide range of installations without requiring an external power source. Kordz has stated that longer sizes will likely be introduced soon after the initial release. The cable has an 18Gbps maximum HDMI 2.0 certification from DPL Laboratories, and each unit is individually tested prior to being sold.

Kordz is introducing the PRS3 AOC HDMI cable, to audiences at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018 this year.

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