KNX Userclub Greece 1st meeting in 2015!

More than 55 participants from Greece and Cyprus joined the first meeting in 2015 of the KNX Userclub Greece on February 11th, 2015.

This event, which was held at the premises of KNX Scientific Partner ‘National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)’, offered the unique opportunity to learn about the currently ongoing research project by NTUA about KNX. Furthermore, the event was accompanied by presentations, given by representatives of KNX Training Centres and KNX Association International.

The event concluded with the confirmation of KNX Userclub Greece’s President, Mr. Ioannis Stathopoulos. As first action, Mr. Stathopoulos drafted the agenda for the upcoming events of 2015 and the future outlook for the KNX Userclub Greece.

The first event in 2015 underlined the growing importance amongst the KNX integrators in Greece and more events are soon to be followed in Greece.