KNX Training Centre Conference 2015 in Bruges

This year’s annual conference for training centre was held in the historical city of Bruges on October 23rd and was hosted by the VDAB training centre. More than 70 representatives of different training centres received information on various trending topics in the world of KNX.

The main focus of this year’s conference was the training centre management tool which was introduced in June 2015. This tool is indispensable when a KNX certified training centre wants to organize KNX courses or when a student wants to sign up for a KNX course. Next to the introduction of the before mentioned tool, there were presentations on KNX web services, new & planned functionalities of ETS and a presentation on KNX Data / IP Security.

The audience also listened attentively to the presentations given by representatives of the companies Albrecht Jung and MDT Technologies who showed their KNX RF product novelties. Among other interesting topics the training centres Amaisys (Spain) and Instaver (The Netherlands) presented their solution for online theoretical & practical training.