KNX Roadshow Day 2 – Meeting and training platform in Delhi

Gathering from whole India, all KNX National Group India Members took the opportunity and organised a meeting in the morning, which underlined again the devotion for the KNX National Group by its members. During 2 hours of intensive discussion, all agreed to present themselves not only as a strong KNX National Group, but also as a leading association in India. The meeting was followed by the next event of the KNX Roadshow India – The KNX Training Workshop, hosted by Yung Energy Efficiency & Controls. 30 Participants gathered to learn more about the technical aspects of KNX and the ETS. Thanks to the great success of the event, first people subscribed to upcoming certified KNX Training Courses, making not only this event memorable, but also looking forward to the further positive outcome! Stay tuned for the next event of the KNX Roadshow India: The KNX Networking Forum in Mumbai on Friday, September 16th.