KNX Roadshow China concluded successfully in Guangzhou

3 stops, 9 events, more than 250 participants – on June 5th, the KNX Roadshow China concluded with a major success in Guangzhou. Last event of this Roadshow was held by KNX Member HDL, which showcased the many advantages of the worldwide STANDARD for home and building control as well as the Engineering Tool Software. The overall outcome of the KNX Roadshow was very positive and inquiries for a third KNX Roadshow in China have been raised at every stop. Thanks to the diverse audience, the many institutions, the huge impact of every single event and the fact that KNX is approved as a permanent GB/T standard in China, this Roadshow can be considered as the beginning of a new era in China.

At this point, KNX Association would like to thank KNX China, its members and every single speaker at every event for the support, which was given during the preparation and the actual KNX Roadshow. For further information about the KNX Roadshow, please feel free to contact KNX China: