KNX Professionals Polska consolidating the KNX market in the East of Europe

On March 28, the Polish group KNX Professionals was founded in Zalesie Górne. The new organization, named, KNX Professionals Polska, has the general goal to be the platform for exchanging experiences KNX-related among all those people involved in KNX.

The association is constituted by system integrators companies and an official KNX Training Centre. In total 13 active professionals are part of the KNX professionals Polska and are already organizing the forthcoming activities for their group.

The “KNX Professionals Polska” association will be registered in Poland as an independent association in accordance to the Polish law. During the foundation meeting the board members approved the constitutions of the association and elected the board of directors as follows:

Mr Andrzej Stachno – president
Mr Adam Dziedzicki – vice president
Mr Tomasz Janecki – secretary

KNX Polska and KNX Professional Polska will cooperate very closely and several activities will be organized together. In the early stages, KNX National Polska will support the KNX Professionals.

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