KNX invited to present its technology at Lighting Conferences

In the recent weeks, KNX has been invited to present its technology at a number of lighting related conferences.

On 18 November, KNX made an appearance in Frankfurt next to other technologies like Thread, Zigbee, DALI, Bluetooth and others at the Lighting Consortia Day organized by the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association ZVEI.
On 23 November KNX was invited at the Strategies in Light Europe Conference held at ExCel in London, co-located with the Lux Live Lighting exhibition.

At both events, Mr. Demarest as CTO of KNX International highlighted the Unique Value Propositions of the established KNX Technology

– unrivalled and proven/certified interoperability between products of different vendors;
– a unique manufacturer independent design and configuration software ETS Professional, which will next year in February be complemented by the ETS Inside, a tool with a focus on small-scale KNX installations and designed for less KNX-skilled installers;
– different supported media types including Twisted Pair and Wireless communication;
– usable for many applications therefore guaranteeing coherent and integrated installations;
– with the possibility to authenticate and encrypt messages sent on its communication networks;

He also gave an outlook on how KNX intends to migrate its technology towards an age where it is expected that all smart home and building technology will communicate via IP. As a first step, KNX has recently launched KNX IoT 1.0 enabling to browse data with web services in a KNX Gateway holding the data of underlying KNX TP or RF networks. As a second step, KNX is working to make access via IP to KNX networks still easier (doing away with VPN) as well as ensure that the KNX Web Service Gateway is able to expose data of underlying KNX installations with more semantic content. This all would pave the way for the eventual communication with web services between KNX devices fully based on IPv6 mechanisms.